With over 20yrs of Natural Health experience I offer the following:

  • Spell Casting & DIY spell kits – Powerful spells and DIY kits for personal and business use. Clear out stagnating energies or situations, allow for better communication or to obtain a specific goal. Contact me for details.
  • Psychic Back Massage –A Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Massage  –  that aids your body’s natural stress release mechanisms. Enjoy the magick of Soft Tissue Massage combined with an individualised blend of aromatherapy oil that will assist the body’s natural stress and anxiety release functions and therefore improve overall Mood, Health and Energy Levels. Release and Remove blockages in and around the Aura for increase vitality, effective emotional analysis and acceptance.

Back & Neck – 30min – R 200.00
Full Back & Neck – 60min – R 400.00
Full Body, Neck & Feet – 90min – R600.00