Time to Pick a Side – You have no choice anymore.

Energy Focus for the Month – Little Energy Focus Tips to help you stay on-top of your game … Literally.

November 2018  –  No More ‘Draad Sitting’

More shifting and awakening taking place at an even deeper level, not that we haven’t been pushed hard enough, every single person needs to go deeper and look at all the areas of your existence and how you are involved in it… Consciously? Unconsciously?

Do these activities bring you and everyone around you pure joy? Does it fill your heart and soul with life energy? Does it help Gaia (Earth) heal?   Does it follow one of the many ‘light path’s’ previous Masters have left behind as guidelines?   If your answer is Yes, then my goodness, well done!  You just need to ensure your ducks are still in a row and you re-affirm your inner power Source?!  …. For the rest… keep reading… lol

Time is speeding up, Gaia’s ascending right under our noses and we better keep up or she will shake us off…. One by one…. Or sometimes, groups at a time to correct the energy… either way she is going..

Let start with saying there is Light (God, Source, Spirit) and then there is the Dark (Lucifer, Dark Lord, cannot think of another one), and you cannot just be idling in the middle somewhere anymore….. this shit is real and you need to pick a side… !!!   Why Now you ask? Well, she has had it with us and she is moving to higher planes…. Literally increasing in vibration, hence the feeling that we are living at warp speed now but the clock still reads the same?? HOW?

Everything is intertwined, connected by a Divine Cloth….  Gaia is a living being just as we are and she is tired of being bulled into submission.   She is moving house and if we cannot vibrate at her frequency we will drop off….. poof

So what to do now???? Your Inner Power Source is the seat of everything else in your life because you build from it so if you do not have your foundation in place you are unstable.   To stabilize you need to become aware that you are an active part of your life, creation and this ascension, a Great Being of Light.    We are here all for our own reasons to balance out however one common fact is that Gaia needs help, she is in pain, we have done this to her over many many lifetimes and now we need to fix it.  Your Light is key, the brighter it shines the better she feels. We are all in this together and if we look after ourselves (Physically and Mentally) as well as Mother Earth and ALL of her creations…. we will make it.

Start by looking at the areas of your life that does not make you feel happy? Why? Look at all the reasons… there is not much we cannot change these days…. even if it’s just your perception.   How do you truly feel about it and why? deal with any emotional issues that may spark a reaction (we all know an emotional reaction to someone else words/actions is a mirror to issues/lessons within yourself)………. HA,… Easier said than done when Mr. Angry Bird pops up and you find yourself  barreling down the store aisle to take someone out who gave you THE LOOK??????

Life is a Sacred Journey and we are Master Creators.   We need to Eat Healthy, Exercise, Repair and Re-assess what and how you are creating.   Look at ‘congested’ areas, those you would rather leave untouched and buried….  Take them apart piece by piece and repair the emotional scarring that may still be left from previous times around.  Life is like a onion… layers.  We all have emotional damage from some form of misunderstanding or injustice and these are only healed when you DEAL WITH THEM.

Feel, understand and see the lesson/gift in all situations. The key is to keep going, we all have our own pace that is challenging but not a killer.   We make them killers by adding things we do not need.

Clean up your act, and make it light. De-clutter your home as well as your thoughts and routines.   If you do not have one already!!!  NB NB  (Very Important) –  start a daily routine where you bring in ‘Source Energy’ consciously into your life.  AKA  Pray, Meditate, Worship, Rituals, connect to your Source of Higher Power.   Be loving, humble and respectful at all times from the heart and you will be guided to the keys to unlock your path…..

Just a last note:   There are many out there ‘incognito’ who do not want this ascension to take place so be vigilant as you rise, energy booby-traps and suckers are a reality.   Keep your Source Pure and don’t fall victim to Bad Thoughts… (No Joke).   The dark likes to infest your mind, however the higher you vibrate the more difficult it is for them to keep up. Become a conscious fighter!

Best of Luck …

Just keep swimming…

It has been a while since I have written anything…. life has been, busy. Up… down… sideways, never just straight… Where is the fun in that?

The last few weeks have been the biggest rollercoaster so far…Learning is on the cards for everyone.

I know it feels like your days are just flying past… that is because they are…. lol, we need to become aware of all your things and take action.   For one, Note where and how we impact our surroundings through our energy.  The energy we process within ourselves through all our sensory perceptions…. All of them…  as well as the energy we send out, needs to become a conscious process whereby you decide knowingly how and when to react.   This enable you with the insight you need to navigate what life throws at you…

(that which you have chosen would be your experience before coming, however due to the process of manifesting on earth… aka birth, we forget and then blame everyone else for it… haha)

Become aware of your surroundings, your habits, way of thinking, associations or judgements you make due to old experiences.   If these do not serve the greater whole at this stage you need to re-design/re-work/re-program that to suite the entire body of being.    We are at a breaking point I believe and we need everyone to start working together or face the same fate as before.

I do believe that your world around you mirrors the world within…. and the standards of being human has never been so high as they are now. We know better………   we understand more and we are learning and downloading at a faster pace.   There are no more excuses, we need to do what we need to and we need to keep doing it.   Not as easily done as said nonetheless we need to try.

Change is never just a once off thing… we all know as soon as you change one thing it triggers a change in another department. Not bad… just never ending.   Accept the fact that you are in it for the long run, and do it at a pace that does not require you to….. snap*.

* Snap – When one loses all rational thinking and does irrational things other point and laugh at.

Don’t be to hard on yourself, we all have our own pace and lessons.   Be sure and take care of your needs and requirements to enable you to keep moving forward.   We have some clearing and cleansing tools to help. Have a look at our DIY – Life pages.

Cycles – General

I had the book “Kringe in die bos” to read in matric year… well I think it was matric those details were irrelevant at that stage… and even though I really didn’t do much at school I can remember that annoying book…  it annoyed me because I just couldn’t understand this thing and it bored me to death because of that….

But in that book his story is about allot of things, however all I remember from the kids talking… was that it has something to do with the circles an elephant walks to end up behind you and tramp your ass, only like an elephant can.. and by the way.. please you foreign people these great five etc etc we have DEMAND respect…  we know that.. that is why you get eaten and killed when you here and not us.. they are not cute and furry… they are natural killers you don’t really stand a chance against without a weapon of some kind..

Funny, just quick… we were at one of the awesome nature reserves we have here and they have a open restaurant, as in, inside the park. We stopped there with the kids and got some ice cream… our weather here is a toasty thirty something on a lekker summers day, not the ones that you wish they made portable air cons you can wrap around you while you walk….. anyway, we were enjoying the sun and the fresh taste of the ice-cream when a ranger approached us and started calling out calmly because you never YELL LION… never… so calmly he said a pride was approaching… with females and a mal.. in less then 3 seconds all the South Aricans were in their cars doors lock windows closed.. if you don’t have aircon.. aaaa… tuff dude your window does not open… and yes.. Lock your doors, they know how to open them go google…

And there… all the ‘visitors’ have cameras out taking pictures… really ???  we get the bad publicity… cmon… oooooo lion.. no oo lion… run, secure space.. then oo KING LION look.

I now understand the book but in my own way…….Cycles, they are everywhere… from the cells in your body, your thought patterns, emotional reactions, relationships…. Ooh they are fun… Cycles are everywhere…   so you need to make yourself aware of your cycles and no not a monthly woman thing drolle… it’s actually something everyone has. So make yourself aware of your cycles and start working with your own rhythm….   Everyone has a rhythm a song of their soul. (Another Time)

These cycles spiral up and down or sideways or all at once it all depends where you are on the scale of consciousness how you would perceive it. We all chose a certain experience to well experience..  the saying ‘we are here to learn’ and.. and.. and.. to me it’s not really the point of being here but more the experience of being here and that actually makes you appreciate the GOODNESS of what ‘WE’ are, we don’t learn this… we just remember what we already know. To experience the best possible us…

Cycles… the good thing about them is you always get another chance so don’t be so hard on yourself karma will take care of that…..  (Evil Laugh)…. Just start becoming aware of how you and your silly little life actually affect others especially if you are a part of their 4 main pillars…  and we are all a pillar at one point or another. So if you did not understand the first time and you made a … there are no bad choices just more challenging ones…. You have the opportunity to rise above the pain because difficulty = pain to me… take in what happened, feel it, process it and recall as needed when making decisions….

Remember, these cycles are there to help you open and understand what you came here to understand… simple ja very….  Whatever Universe.  LOL..

The Earth…..

So… this is the start like many other of my blog… the way I see the world.. my story. Everyone has one… these are mine… my experiences and my world…   it sometimes seems strange and hard to believe but it’s still mine and every word a true experience and happening…. sharing it so that others can see that it is ok….  Everything is ok and as it should be this MAD….  MAD….

The world is not as complicated as we think it is, it’s a bit worse but it can be explained….  Lets take the latest picture… yes I am one that gets stories… examples of how life and the universe works but in such simple terms … even I can understand it and I aint no Einstein…   now that man was ahead of his time….  I believe.

Anyway, it all started while I was driving to work as per normal but had the urge to feel the earth again.. I do this never realising I’ve been doing it since small…..  I feel rhythms and energy currents etc… and so did my BE… ill just say BE is my soul sister… more about her and others later… back to the picture….

Feeling the earth I felt the usual pain…. That we, as the inferior species in that picture, .. again my opinion .. are doing to her… yes to me she is a her…  mother earth thing… for now anyway….  The point is I felt the pain… I could feel the sadness she carries for us and the pain we cause not even realising it to her and each other…. Anyway it was dark and sad… again… I don’t even know why I do it…. Its depressing…

Then just before I hit the bottom.. yes we all do and it’s a cycle… I decided to make the best and be the channel from the universe to the earth for some healing to take place….   That is when I saw it…

Everything is ok, even with the earth, she will carry on existing…. No matter what we do to her.. she is just following our ques…

Everything is about change and learning and evolving and then starting all over again.. I mean really why do we want to even do that…????

Anyhoo… the point is… the earth is fine… we are not (well we are but for us the change will be a bit harder if she does turn red….lol)… she will continue to exist even if it is as a burning ball of fire………. And from there back to the tiniest atom… even smaller… and starting ALL over again… deciding what you wanted to feel and experience and learn and grow… expanding… always expanding… completing one starting another…… always changing….

Like that… this resonates with me, this I understand and feel to be true for my experience… and that is why I decided to write… bc mine might be the same as yours and then we help each other find some sort of peace if I can call it that in whatever it is you need peace in bc there as well everyone’s ‘peace’ is diff but then same….   Long discussions these…

SO this is how I see earth and the current global crisis…. There is no crisis to her… she will continue to exist with or without us ….  We are just a small factor in her environment and she will decide what is best for her… to experience what it is she is after and us… all intertwined but separate.. hahaha  I feel like the MAD HATTER… the ideas and pictures have so many different views and it all depends on the shade of glasses you are wearing.. the key is to able to remove the glasses and see the world and the universe and everything in it as it really is….. a balance….  OF EVERYTHING and NOTHING.