Where Is Your Faith?

Something nobody likes to talk about… or they do, because you either are a Churchie or you not.   I would like to ‘challenge’ you to question yourself whether you go to church or not, as to exactly the details of your faith. Your own… not the one you have been told to believe… the one you feel…

Where is your faith? When you are worried about your country… this one is my favorite… because relatives moved out of SA for fear of what could happen…. And guess what? It happened to them there.   I tell you this because this one was especially an eye opener for me.   It really does not matter the country you are in or anything externally for that matter, it matters what you feel inside…!!!

We are ‘Great Beings of Light’ – (some of us), and this acts like a magnet.  What we think confirmed by what we feel, attracts. So we are forever creating what is going on around us.   To play and experience in this 3D world we have to dim a part of the light so to illuminate another – ‘FEELING’ (you cannot remember you are a connected part of a Greater whole and you are actually just as Great as that Greatness) BOOM… they gave me that one.. lol was trying to find a way of sofly saying we are asses fuckshits.. wake up.

We are caught in a web of NEEDS & WANTS, it is when there is unbalance, (WANTS & needs) that we miss opportunities of Happiness, Love, Compassion, Fulfillment, Purpose, keep adding…..   however!!  We are Great Beings of Light and we are not here unattached from some Great Force beyond… (we are attached in case you still didn’t get it). SO Where is your faith that what you need is right here right now all you need to do is LOOK!!! 

It is a 50/50 we must find the clues left behind to navigate your life, no you cannot cheat.. the guy next to you does not have the same unit, his mods will not fit your game version. Do Not Judge, His Avatar has different Structural Features and Software for game variance and optimal experience. Trust your gut, game play can change instantaneously, remember SOURCE. (for those who don’t know.. yes that is code for God) He never has and never will forsake us…… Faith.

The Start…

The other side: –                                                                                   #BE&ME

The youngest memory I have, is of looking at a figure of an odd man, to say the least…  looking in through the curtains of my room, and I mean I can see him staring at me but the curtains are closed…  and he is on the other side… get it…

I share my room in the …. Ok.. and I mean it was really just ok part of JHB south with my barely older brother and older sister.

This man with his wild hair is looking at me with gritting teeth as if I am his next meal.… I can feel the energy coming from him…  it fibrates at a certain frequency… and that frequency was something I become accustom to.   The dark was not my friend… but it was the place I retreated to when the world was not my friend…

Sitting in the cot, I am very young but I know, while I stare in fear at this thing through the bars of my old fashioned wooden cot that there is no way a human would be able to stand on that ledge…  because there isn’t one….. the ‘balcony’, actually the little zink stoep roof, was to the left of that window… I know because my brain takes mental snapshots of what I use to think was irrelevant shit and now, come to see, form the basis of all my theories because it form part of the picture.

I scream and so does my brother…  I know he saw it, he talks about it but only when he is my brother. My sister didn’t see anything I am not sure if she had blocked it at that age already or what, not sure…. Everyone is different. That day was the first of many ‘dark’ days that I can recall and this is my story of the UNKNOWN…  hopefully writing this would bring some clarity or guidance or understanding to others.

This is actually the blog/book I wish I had as a teenager when the shit really hit the van…..in my life that is … what I didn’t know is that it was happening to my soul sister half way across the world as well… ill call my sister BE… she is my sister in the ‘spirit world’ now and so connected, when I just fucking listen she says… and laughs.. she loves to laugh it actually bubbles from her…      I hope people would read this and find some sort of clarity to be able to make a better choice next time around because it is coming again, everything is a cycle and you keep getting the same thing until you choose something else.…….  You have the opportunity to choose a different outcome……. a much happier one…….

This is the stories of #BE&ME