Space Clearing & Moving Energies…

Like always it is important to constantly be working on and with your energy. Your energy is not just your aura as an extension of you, it is your property, any items you own and vehicles as well.

To protect your space you need to keep tabs on your energy output and income energy levels. We get boosted or drained by the moon cycles and other earth rhythms like Planetary alignments and shifts.   A moon Phase is either building up or breaking down, and your timing is impeccable.

I would recommend giving Sylvia Nikolaoy a follow on FB, she sends the Planetary Shifts and movements as well as the affected areas and practical tips for navigating day to day dealings. Mercury is retrograde at the moment so communication is affected again.   Read between the lines to what is not being said and not what is being said. Double & Triple read contracts and job offers for any hidden content.

Massive Energy bursts from the past might be brought to the surface for re-working and accepting.  Find the lesson and let-go of the hurt.  We are all here to experience and grow in this University called Earth and we do so by dealing and letting go of that which does not serve us and replace it, with what does.   The thing is, it keeps changing and if you do not change you are pushed off the cliff and forced to fly. Either way you will.

Physically clean and de-clutter areas in and around your home where energy might be able to get stuck and build up.  Clutter and mess is the ideal place for energy blockages to manifest creating all sorts of funnies and unplanned mishaps. Remember your vehicle or any items that belong to you, there too need to be cleared and shifted.   Move, clean and clear out old stagnant items you no longer need or use, donate… sell, it doesn’t matter as long as the energy shifts. Let Go with LOVE……

Remember your Source, plug in daily and STAY consciously plugged in with everything you do. Source knows your potential and your worth and will not let you down… ever.

Why you idling your car Mamma?

Now I have seen it all….. today while waiting for my daughter to finish school I was parked like all the other mommies and daddies.   Normally you hear the odd vehicle idling in the distance, but today… oh NOOOO….. I could not believe my eyes.

One of the mommies comes and stops her car behind me… hops out with the car still idling to chat to another mommy in another car whom is also idling her vehicle….. I am not a qualified Environmentalist… my sister is by the way, and a damn good one at that.   This mommy was chatting to her friend the entire time I had gotten out of my car (Parked and off), walked all the way up to the school gates where I meet my daughter.   Today I was parked a distance away and no I don’t allow my daughter to walk down because I don’t want her too.. haha… I waited there a few minutes for her to appear and then slowly made our way back to the car…

WHERE TO MY SURPRISE!!  This mommy was still chatting to her friend with her car idling as well as her friends.

  • Now my question is…. Why? 
  • DO you not care about the environment?
  • DO you believe you are above Global Warming? 
  • DO you believe your children and their children will magically live on another green clean planet?
  • Is your car Special and pumps out Unicorn Dust that produces O2?? 

I just don’t know, I for one, will feel that my actions are based on an attitude of waste or gluttony.

Looking for a valid reason… I just cannot find any. I don’t like to waste, and going to judge here, maybe your car will not start again after shut-off??… but I am sure that is considered Gross Negligence and should be punishable by Karma… oh wait it is…

Energy Focus Tip – Jan 2019

Aaaa, the fresh smell of 2019.   It has been real,….. 2018 was filled with everything you can possibly image and a little bit more…..   not all bad I can confess however it was a ripper (as brother use to say … a ripper is when you shit so big it rips your ass)…

Would I like a redo? NO F%*&#’ing way…. BUT!…. I have learnt so much…     2019 starts with a bit of 2018 coming over with it, some things to finish off.  Try your best to get it done as soon as possible as it will start speeding up again soon and then you will be left behind.

Clean, de-clutter if you have not already done so during December. Make your list and plan your year ahead, remember to include fun, family, friends and faith time.. haha.. I am sure I heard that somewhere… anyway. It is time to pull the people you love closer. We all expect someone else to do it… and if that is how we see life…. We never going to get anywhere on this Planet.   Please start making time to connect with the ones you care about.

New Year new beginnings, Life wise I believe it is time to start looking at sustainability.   Ask Yourself; Is what I do everyday good for me, my kids and the environment?   No Kids no problem… your pets… anything just go with it…  What are we leaving behind?   I have read the many articles, blogs etc letting you know that our current ways are not the best thing for this World, so let’s start making a change.

Small things, like …. here we have people waiting in their cars, while the car is switched on just to have the aircon running……… does it not make you feel bad to have all those emissions let loose into the air just because you don’t like sweating??   Does the earth deserve your disrespect? I don’t think so……  we all use cars, just don’t waste.

Take a good look at yourself and what you and your family do by default that is not contributing to the changes we need in order to leave a better world for our children and their children… but as in really…Evaluate where your waste ‘problems’ are and take action this year to ‘correct’ those….. or Karma will.   Better you do it then her…. Trust me.. HAHAHAHAHA

We complicate things and create our own pain, anxiety and even illness.

Simplify your life….   Keep it Real 😊

Energy Focus December 2018

December 2018

It’s the season to be Jolly…. Lol, I really love December, it is such a fun time with holidays and Christmas (If you celebrate it) and the end of an old and the start of a new one… phew…

Retrogrades going on so please steer clear of any serious decisions unless you have read and re-read your documents, phoned and confirmed stamped and sealed it.   December this year comes quick and with much awaited anticipation.   A new year 2019 is closing in and since you are now a conscious fighter lol you need to make sure you are ready for it.

The thing with new years resolutions are, they don’t really last that long because I mean really who start anything new after a new years eve?   Even the Gym or Fitness Houses are open from the 2nd only.  This year be practical. Start your new routines now and tweak them while you are on holiday so they are basically perfect by the time your new years starts.   That means you will have a running start instead of a slow trip recover start.

Re-visit your thinking and impulse reactions, remember, if your vibration is low the messages (ideas) you receive are of low quality and this could result in not so favourable outcomes.   Keep your energy vibrations high with daily exercise and stretches, healthy foods, positive affirmations, prayers, love and fun.

Take note of daily routines and adjust them to optimal functioning for the new year and new activities etc you and others may have planned.   Would you like to learn to play an instrument? Draw? Look at the dull areas and see what may be needed to turn the feeling around.   Our energy fields are like magnets and we attract what we FEEL….   The term fake it till you make it actually means that you need to FEEL as if you have already accomplished your goal to actually accomplish it.

No biggie…. Just truly feel it and it WILL be not might.. WILL.  Easier said than done but that is why we all here.. to learn how.   Start by changing small dull areas, little fun here, little switch there, little compassion and respect. Your reactions, does the charger that keeps getting unplugged bug you to such an extent that you get heart palpitations? WHY…. it’s just a plug?  Or is there something deeper?

Explore and Heal and if just a plug, get over it!   You do not want to age yourself over a plug.    For those of you that have experienced both sides of the coin.   Look at the good and bad time during your life… during the truly happy years you hardly aged a day… then those years filled with grief, broken heart, stress, you age years in weeks.

True deep Emotions are the keys to your unlimited potential. They are not easy!!!  The energy is only going to increase from here on out and you need to work through your baggage.   They are going to make it increasingly heavy to carry the shit around and 2019 will be no exception.

Stay Conscious!  #FAMILY #FRIENDS #FUN


Time to Pick a Side – You have no choice anymore.

Energy Focus for the Month – Little Energy Focus Tips to help you stay on-top of your game … Literally.

November 2018  –  No More ‘Draad Sitting’

More shifting and awakening taking place at an even deeper level, not that we haven’t been pushed hard enough, every single person needs to go deeper and look at all the areas of your existence and how you are involved in it… Consciously? Unconsciously?

Do these activities bring you and everyone around you pure joy? Does it fill your heart and soul with life energy? Does it help Gaia (Earth) heal?   Does it follow one of the many ‘light path’s’ previous Masters have left behind as guidelines?   If your answer is Yes, then my goodness, well done!  You just need to ensure your ducks are still in a row and you re-affirm your inner power Source?!  …. For the rest… keep reading… lol

Time is speeding up, Gaia’s ascending right under our noses and we better keep up or she will shake us off…. One by one…. Or sometimes, groups at a time to correct the energy… either way she is going..

Let start with saying there is Light (God, Source, Spirit) and then there is the Dark (Lucifer, Dark Lord, cannot think of another one), and you cannot just be idling in the middle somewhere anymore….. this shit is real and you need to pick a side… !!!   Why Now you ask? Well, she has had it with us and she is moving to higher planes…. Literally increasing in vibration, hence the feeling that we are living at warp speed now but the clock still reads the same?? HOW?

Everything is intertwined, connected by a Divine Cloth….  Gaia is a living being just as we are and she is tired of being bulled into submission.   She is moving house and if we cannot vibrate at her frequency we will drop off….. poof

So what to do now???? Your Inner Power Source is the seat of everything else in your life because you build from it so if you do not have your foundation in place you are unstable.   To stabilize you need to become aware that you are an active part of your life, creation and this ascension, a Great Being of Light.    We are here all for our own reasons to balance out however one common fact is that Gaia needs help, she is in pain, we have done this to her over many many lifetimes and now we need to fix it.  Your Light is key, the brighter it shines the better she feels. We are all in this together and if we look after ourselves (Physically and Mentally) as well as Mother Earth and ALL of her creations…. we will make it.

Start by looking at the areas of your life that does not make you feel happy? Why? Look at all the reasons… there is not much we cannot change these days…. even if it’s just your perception.   How do you truly feel about it and why? deal with any emotional issues that may spark a reaction (we all know an emotional reaction to someone else words/actions is a mirror to issues/lessons within yourself)………. HA,… Easier said than done when Mr. Angry Bird pops up and you find yourself  barreling down the store aisle to take someone out who gave you THE LOOK??????

Life is a Sacred Journey and we are Master Creators.   We need to Eat Healthy, Exercise, Repair and Re-assess what and how you are creating.   Look at ‘congested’ areas, those you would rather leave untouched and buried….  Take them apart piece by piece and repair the emotional scarring that may still be left from previous times around.  Life is like a onion… layers.  We all have emotional damage from some form of misunderstanding or injustice and these are only healed when you DEAL WITH THEM.

Feel, understand and see the lesson/gift in all situations. The key is to keep going, we all have our own pace that is challenging but not a killer.   We make them killers by adding things we do not need.

Clean up your act, and make it light. De-clutter your home as well as your thoughts and routines.   If you do not have one already!!!  NB NB  (Very Important) –  start a daily routine where you bring in ‘Source Energy’ consciously into your life.  AKA  Pray, Meditate, Worship, Rituals, connect to your Source of Higher Power.   Be loving, humble and respectful at all times from the heart and you will be guided to the keys to unlock your path…..

Just a last note:   There are many out there ‘incognito’ who do not want this ascension to take place so be vigilant as you rise, energy booby-traps and suckers are a reality.   Keep your Source Pure and don’t fall victim to Bad Thoughts… (No Joke).   The dark likes to infest your mind, however the higher you vibrate the more difficult it is for them to keep up. Become a conscious fighter!

Best of Luck …