Cycles – General

I had the book “Kringe in die bos” to read in matric year… well I think it was matric those details were irrelevant at that stage… and even though I really didn’t do much at school I can remember that annoying book…  it annoyed me because I just couldn’t understand this thing and it bored me to death because of that….

But in that book his story is about allot of things, however all I remember from the kids talking… was that it has something to do with the circles an elephant walks to end up behind you and tramp your ass, only like an elephant can.. and by the way.. please you foreign people these great five etc etc we have DEMAND respect…  we know that.. that is why you get eaten and killed when you here and not us.. they are not cute and furry… they are natural killers you don’t really stand a chance against without a weapon of some kind..

Funny, just quick… we were at one of the awesome nature reserves we have here and they have a open restaurant, as in, inside the park. We stopped there with the kids and got some ice cream… our weather here is a toasty thirty something on a lekker summers day, not the ones that you wish they made portable air cons you can wrap around you while you walk….. anyway, we were enjoying the sun and the fresh taste of the ice-cream when a ranger approached us and started calling out calmly because you never YELL LION… never… so calmly he said a pride was approaching… with females and a mal.. in less then 3 seconds all the South Aricans were in their cars doors lock windows closed.. if you don’t have aircon.. aaaa… tuff dude your window does not open… and yes.. Lock your doors, they know how to open them go google…

And there… all the ‘visitors’ have cameras out taking pictures… really ???  we get the bad publicity… cmon… oooooo lion.. no oo lion… run, secure space.. then oo KING LION look.

I now understand the book but in my own way…….Cycles, they are everywhere… from the cells in your body, your thought patterns, emotional reactions, relationships…. Ooh they are fun… Cycles are everywhere…   so you need to make yourself aware of your cycles and no not a monthly woman thing drolle… it’s actually something everyone has. So make yourself aware of your cycles and start working with your own rhythm….   Everyone has a rhythm a song of their soul. (Another Time)

These cycles spiral up and down or sideways or all at once it all depends where you are on the scale of consciousness how you would perceive it. We all chose a certain experience to well experience..  the saying ‘we are here to learn’ and.. and.. and.. to me it’s not really the point of being here but more the experience of being here and that actually makes you appreciate the GOODNESS of what ‘WE’ are, we don’t learn this… we just remember what we already know. To experience the best possible us…

Cycles… the good thing about them is you always get another chance so don’t be so hard on yourself karma will take care of that…..  (Evil Laugh)…. Just start becoming aware of how you and your silly little life actually affect others especially if you are a part of their 4 main pillars…  and we are all a pillar at one point or another. So if you did not understand the first time and you made a … there are no bad choices just more challenging ones…. You have the opportunity to rise above the pain because difficulty = pain to me… take in what happened, feel it, process it and recall as needed when making decisions….

Remember, these cycles are there to help you open and understand what you came here to understand… simple ja very….  Whatever Universe.  LOL..