Space Clearing

There are different ways to clear a space.   Here is step by step instructions. Remember to bring in the light and move the energy as you walk around. Stagnant energy creates blockages.

White / Blue candle
Quick light charcoal
Selenite stick – optional
Any Incense.
1 Connect to the guides and protect yourself
take a walk through the place and sense the energy
2 Start in the Kitchen / Reception area of the house. Light a candle and place a coal in fire proof dish.
Place 2/3 pieces of Frankincense on the coal and move to the furthest part of the space to be cleared.
Move Anticlock wise through each room clearing out the energy.
As you clear repeat: ‘ One Magick, One Power, One Spirit, One Might…. Shatter the darkness and bring in the Light.
3 Place rosemary and sage mix on coal and now move clockwise through the rooms.
Lock all mirrors down by touching the corner of the mirrors and drawing a pentagram in the middle saying: ‘I close and seal this space’
Lock down all windows and door by drawing a cross over them and pentagram above them saying: ‘I close and seal this place’
Energetically Sweep the energy from each space and then lock down the room with selenite stick or finger. Draw a cross from corner to corner and draw a pentagram in the middle of the room saying: ‘This room is sealed and protected.’
4 With salt in left hand and candle in right move through each room bring in new energy saying’ I lovingly bring love and light into this space’
Burn incense.
Thank the guides and Angels etc.