Energy Focus Tip – Jan 2019

Aaaa, the fresh smell of 2019.   It has been real,….. 2018 was filled with everything you can possibly image and a little bit more…..   not all bad I can confess however it was a ripper (as brother use to say … a ripper is when you shit so big it rips your ass)…

Would I like a redo? NO F%*&#’ing way…. BUT!…. I have learnt so much…     2019 starts with a bit of 2018 coming over with it, some things to finish off.  Try your best to get it done as soon as possible as it will start speeding up again soon and then you will be left behind.

Clean, de-clutter if you have not already done so during December. Make your list and plan your year ahead, remember to include fun, family, friends and faith time.. haha.. I am sure I heard that somewhere… anyway. It is time to pull the people you love closer. We all expect someone else to do it… and if that is how we see life…. We never going to get anywhere on this Planet.   Please start making time to connect with the ones you care about.

New Year new beginnings, Life wise I believe it is time to start looking at sustainability.   Ask Yourself; Is what I do everyday good for me, my kids and the environment?   No Kids no problem… your pets… anything just go with it…  What are we leaving behind?   I have read the many articles, blogs etc letting you know that our current ways are not the best thing for this World, so let’s start making a change.

Small things, like …. here we have people waiting in their cars, while the car is switched on just to have the aircon running……… does it not make you feel bad to have all those emissions let loose into the air just because you don’t like sweating??   Does the earth deserve your disrespect? I don’t think so……  we all use cars, just don’t waste.

Take a good look at yourself and what you and your family do by default that is not contributing to the changes we need in order to leave a better world for our children and their children… but as in really…Evaluate where your waste ‘problems’ are and take action this year to ‘correct’ those….. or Karma will.   Better you do it then her…. Trust me.. HAHAHAHAHA

We complicate things and create our own pain, anxiety and even illness.

Simplify your life….   Keep it Real 😊

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