List and brief description of services offered.

Some of the services are priced based on location, depth of task and timing.   Please email your requirements/set-up a meeting to discuss.

  • Holistic Life Coaching

The first and thereafter Power-Up sessions are an hour.   In-dept, needs-analysis/planning and organising are done in these sessions.

The Power sessions are quick 30 minute follow-up and re-organising sessions for changes and updates to Power-Up sessions.

  • Energy Healing

These are Healing sessions where a combination of Holistic Healing Practices are used to assist your energy body to naturally re-align to the rhythm of the earth.

Energy is a large part of our lives; it is in a part of everything and can work for, or against you, depending on your mindset.  As an Energy Healing I assess the energy around you and explain to you what it is you are creating and relay any messages Spirit that might come through.

Whether we are creating good or bad is not the question it is about where you would like to go. We are creative beings and we have the power to do so much more we just need to realise our full potential.

I work with Spirit (God) energy and healing comes from Spirit I am just the tool, all you need to do is be open to receive the blessings…. In whichever form they manifest themselves.

I have completed numerous Natural Health Healing modalities of which some are:

Usui Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sacred Soul Healing, Crystal Healing & I am a Registered Traditional Healer.

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  • Individualised Energy Work for Specific Intention

Align-yourself to flow with the current and not against, with focus, intention and determination.