Space Clearing & Moving Energies…

Like always it is important to constantly be working on and with your energy. Your energy is not just your aura as an extension of you, it is your property, any items you own and vehicles as well.

To protect your space you need to keep tabs on your energy output and income energy levels. We get boosted or drained by the moon cycles and other earth rhythms like Planetary alignments and shifts.   A moon Phase is either building up or breaking down, and your timing is impeccable.

I would recommend giving Sylvia Nikolaoy a follow on FB, she sends the Planetary Shifts and movements as well as the affected areas and practical tips for navigating day to day dealings. Mercury is retrograde at the moment so communication is affected again.   Read between the lines to what is not being said and not what is being said. Double & Triple read contracts and job offers for any hidden content.

Massive Energy bursts from the past might be brought to the surface for re-working and accepting.  Find the lesson and let-go of the hurt.  We are all here to experience and grow in this University called Earth and we do so by dealing and letting go of that which does not serve us and replace it, with what does.   The thing is, it keeps changing and if you do not change you are pushed off the cliff and forced to fly. Either way you will.

Physically clean and de-clutter areas in and around your home where energy might be able to get stuck and build up.  Clutter and mess is the ideal place for energy blockages to manifest creating all sorts of funnies and unplanned mishaps. Remember your vehicle or any items that belong to you, there too need to be cleared and shifted.   Move, clean and clear out old stagnant items you no longer need or use, donate… sell, it doesn’t matter as long as the energy shifts. Let Go with LOVE……

Remember your Source, plug in daily and STAY consciously plugged in with everything you do. Source knows your potential and your worth and will not let you down… ever.

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