Why you idling your car Mamma?

Now I have seen it all….. today while waiting for my daughter to finish school I was parked like all the other mommies and daddies.   Normally you hear the odd vehicle idling in the distance, but today… oh NOOOO….. I could not believe my eyes.

One of the mommies comes and stops her car behind me… hops out with the car still idling to chat to another mommy in another car whom is also idling her vehicle….. I am not a qualified Environmentalist… my sister is by the way, and a damn good one at that.   This mommy was chatting to her friend the entire time I had gotten out of my car (Parked and off), walked all the way up to the school gates where I meet my daughter.   Today I was parked a distance away and no I don’t allow my daughter to walk down because I don’t want her too.. haha… I waited there a few minutes for her to appear and then slowly made our way back to the car…

WHERE TO MY SURPRISE!!  This mommy was still chatting to her friend with her car idling as well as her friends.

  • Now my question is…. Why? 
  • DO you not care about the environment?
  • DO you believe you are above Global Warming? 
  • DO you believe your children and their children will magically live on another green clean planet?
  • Is your car Special and pumps out Unicorn Dust that produces O2?? 

I just don’t know, I for one, will feel that my actions are based on an attitude of waste or gluttony.

Looking for a valid reason… I just cannot find any. I don’t like to waste, and going to judge here, maybe your car will not start again after shut-off??… but I am sure that is considered Gross Negligence and should be punishable by Karma… oh wait it is…

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